We are proud to have 35 years of combined experience in industrial heavy equipment inspection with a reputation of safe and professional service, reliability, accuracy and trusted results.

As a pioneer in eddy current array (ECA) gear inspection, we have been involved in the development of gear scanning practices; including our participation on the technical committee during the development of ASTM standard E2905 / E2905M for mill and kiln gears (accepted by major insurance underwriters, OEMs and engineering groups).

MTS came into existence as a specialized service provider for gear inspection services through Donald Malenfant (father) and Richard Malenfant (son) with experience in engineering and non-destructive testing services for the mining, aggregate and other heavy industries. Over the years we have become one of the most trusted names in large diameter ring gear inspection in the world by using advanced methods to reliably increase asset service life by detecting the early onset of surface-breaking cracks that are commonly found on gear teeth. These methods have proven extremely effective not only for mill gear inspections but for mobile equipment, and other high-value assets.

Through our consistently proven ability to meet expectations, MTS has become a known and trusted NDT services provider for industrial equipment inspections including flaw detection and thickness testing and we have gained trust with major insurance providers like FM Global, Marsh and Zurich; recognizing MTS as a recommended supplier for 3rd party inspection services.

Throughout the company’s history as a service provider for the heavy industries we have adopted a business philosophy that supports the usage of our network of trusted experts. We believe that one company does not need to have all the solutions, and prefer to encourage specialization to deliver the highest quality services across a wide range of applications.

We encourage you to ask questions and educate yourself through working with us and our trusted partners.

We are more than an NDT company; we are a family, a network and a resource solution.