Gear Cleaning

In the past, the process of having to clean gears was painfully slow, tedious and unsafe for the personnel involved as well as for the gear. Thankfully, modern technology and chemical sciences have allowed for the development of faster, easier and much safer cleaning methods.

We have a great relationship with Active Chemicals Ltd. who have developed what we consider to be the lowest-risk gear cleaning product available.

Keys benefits of using ¨Dynasol EP¨ gear cleaner:

  • Highly lubricating cleaner. This product is engineered to be used as a cleaner and lubricant for the gear.
  • High flash point. It has a flash point of 330° F (165.5°C) which is well above most other cleaning products. This means there’s no chance of this product combusting on your mill.
  • Non TDG regulated. Dynasol-EP is non-toxic and contains no volatile organic compounds, is safe on skin and is bio-degradable!
  • No-odor and safe on all surfaces. This cleaner doesn’t pose the typical industrial hygene issues that typical gear cleaners do.