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Safety is our top priority.

We work hard to continuously improve our work practices to ensure the lowest risk of injury to personnel and damage to equipment during our services. We are proud to have a spotless safety record; zero LTIs, zero spills, zero incidents or accidents and a safety culture that has evolved over a decade of operating experience.

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Innovative Inspections For Mining & Mineral Processing Equipment

Eddy Current Array Gear Scanning

Using advanced techniques and specialized knowledge our professional team of technicians offers a unique gear inspection service that have been developed specifically to achieve the highest quality inspection results considering several key factors:

  • High Probability of Detection: Surface Flaws / Cracks are highly unlikely to be missed during the inspection.
  • High Speed of Scanning: Reduce downtime required for inspection.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Competitive with traditional methods that have less advantages.

Mill Integrity Inspections & High Quality Electronic Reporting

Using a blend of testing methods such as ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing and other methods; our technicians can record and trend valuable inspection data throughout the service-life of a mill. We are known for producing high-quality reports that are recognized by asset insurers as well as major engineering firms as some of the best in the industry. Our goal is to help our customers understand more about their mills through precise and easy to interpret data.

A testimony from one of our clients.

To whom it may concern,

The Keetac plant in Keewatin MN, is a 3.6 million ton taconite facility that is expected to produce 150% above its design capacity. Equipment availability is a key factor for that to happen. Ring gear lead time is over a year and costs more that $2M. Knowing the condition of our 15 ring gears is paramount to the reliable operations of our facility and delivery of that production objective.

Prior to Malenfant Industrial introducing our facility to eddy current methods, ring gear inspections on our 28’ autogenous mills were sporadic. Previous visual and ultrasonic methods required cleaning that required solvents which posed industrial hygiene concerns and inspection times were longer tying up mill inching equipment, overhead cranes (for gear guard removal) and man-hours. Once cleaned, re-coating ring gears with open gear lubricant, and hooking up ring gear lube systems introduced a variable of error that, in the past, resulted in gear damage.

Malenfant Industrial’s method eliminated all of that and put our ring gear reliability program back on track. And don’t be fooled; it’s not always the oldest equipment that poses the greatest threat. Two (2) of our newest gears were found to be defective; both were less than 10 years old and had never been inspected by Visual and Ultrasonic methods. On the other hand, their inspection methods have allowed us to run gears with known defects well beyond their projected life.

Their accuracy has improved our budget forecasting and has eliminated all down time associated with ring gear failures. They are safe, reliable, accurate, hard working, on time, and cost effective.

In my 40 year career I feel I’ve aligned myself with the best and I consider Malenfant Industrial to be the gold standard in mill ring gear inspection.


Al Kastonek
Plant Maintenance Manager

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